Ishq Seedhi Kanch Ki By Amjad Javed (A Novel on Western Media Propaganda against Islam and Pakistan)

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Ishq SeeRhi Kanch ki by Amjad Javed is a story written on the topic of western media propaganda against Islam and Muslim Countries. The biased media reportings, half spoken and reported truth mixed with lies, wrong interpretations are just to name a few attempts to portray a false mutilated face of Islam. Pakistan, being the only Islamic Atomic Power and posessing the Nuclear Weapons, is top target of this propaganda. The heroin of this novel is a thai girl (pi oun), influenced with western media false reportings, always taunt, tease and blame Bilal (male leading character) on chat for being pakistani and a terrorist. Bilal also met other chatters from around the world in chatrooms who lookdown on him for being Pakistani and Muslim. Bilal studies Islam deeply and leaves Pakistan to meet her in person in Thai Land. He explains many things to her relating to Islam as way of life and Pakistan as peaceful country. The story takes interesting turns when Thai Girl start believing in him and other pakistanis as kind hearted friendly peaceful people while some started declaring Bilal as terrorist in his own home town Pakistan

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